Monday, July 17, 2006

What's being rich?

People think that being rich means having diamonds (bling bling), gold, fast cars, expensive houses, a swarm of hot girlfriends etc..

I think that's rubbish.

First off- having sports cars, gold, diamonds, big houses, expensive clothes- is only a reflection or indication of material wealth. Even then- the person who is wearing it could very well have- bought it on credit- which makes him/her a pretender. Having such things- is not an asset- you need to devote considerable energies to service and protect them. And in the end, esp. for sports cars, they go down in value pretty quickly. They cost a fracking fortune - in insurance, petrol, to maintain and run. And each minute you sit in that thing- is a dollar down the drain.

For that matter- I totally don't understand how Holden can hawk the most POWERFUL sports car in an age of rising fuel costs. Holden spent over a billion dollars to develop this monstrousity. You're obviously going to have quite a few people buying it- but most buyers won't touch it because (its not a big brand name like Porsche, Ferrari), and the COST OF THE FRACKING FUEL. As it is- I can very well see the price of OIL hitting $100 a barrel- which will mean about $2.00 at the pump for us. Which will probably mean its going to cost $200 a week just to run the damn beast. And nooo... no discount petrol... you gotta use 98% octane in that precious engine. And since you have the fastest car in the block- you'll be Mr. or Ms. pedal to the metal. And with the amount of bloody speed cameras out that...

Anyhow... back to the topic. What's being rich? Is it the means to go to the casino and blowing one million dollars on the poker tables and not having to blink?

To some people, yes. But to me- its plain stupid.

What's being rich to me? Being able to do what you want. Being free from worry. Being happy. Being contented.

To do this- you need to have a positive attitude towards life. More on this later...

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