Saturday, July 01, 2006

Asterix Pewter chess set

Hmmm... bit of a surprise. I won this auction.

Didn't actually expect to win. Usually the chess sets go for over GBP150.

The postage will be a killer though. And may cost over $100.

Still the chess set looks way way cool and I've been a fan of Asterix since I was a kid. I love how all the Gaulish pawns are individual members of the town- and not one same generic character. It looks like virtually the entire regular cast of the comic series is portrayed here. Sweet.


Unknown said...

Hi. Are you willing to sell this? I am a huge fan of asterix and narrowly missed a similar set in an auction.. Thank you and hope you have a great day

Yau Chiam said...

Yes I am willing to sell this. All the chess pieces are individual crafted work. But I paid a lot of money for this. And its one of my treasured possessions. I'd probably only consider selling this if it was going $1k.