Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sleep Apnea, Tinnitus, Snoring, TMJ


I suffer from sleep apnea/snoring, tinnitus and teeth grinding TMJ. (Sleepers who grind and snore  are totally oblivious to their actual condition

In the past doctors would try and isolate each problem and try and treat each symptom as a separate issue.

But they all seem to be related - linked in some form or another. TMJ - the teeth grinding - disturbs the hearing nerves which are located close to the jaw.

I found that having botox injections in my jaw - done to help with my teeth grinding TMJ - actually cured my tinnitus for a month or more. Then it came back. A subsequent treatment of botox didn't help.

Sleeping late, drinking too much caffeine,  being overweight are also culprits.

For people suffering from tinnitus - one of the best things is to keep yourself busy and not allow yourself to focus on the problem - it will drive you mad.

Listen to low level music. Have something that will distract you from the problem.

Whatever you do , don't worry about it or focus your attention on the problem - it will just exacerbate things. Go out into a public place - walk around - do something to take your mind off the problem. Staying alone in a quiet room and thinking about tinnitus is one of the worse things you could do.

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