Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rolls Royce to custom tailor car for Singapore

RR, makers of the famous WW2 Merlin engine, and luxury cars has announced that it will custom make a car for the Singapore market - I guess instead of calling it Silver Ghost - it will be known as Sibei Atas.

Details are sketchy but … as part of the unique Singapore features I guess it will automatically double park in handicap parking spots, auto accelerate when someone attempts to merge into your lane, car doors will likely automatically open when a bicyclist is side by side and another likely unique Singapore feature will be its auto slow speed whenever an ambulance is behind them. I also suspect another unique feature will be its ability to occupy two or perhaps 3 lanes when attempting to drop off passengers on the sidewalk. 

Its price tag will make it affordable to 100% of Singaporeans who are Govt Ministers. 

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