Thursday, July 23, 2015

Not all cultures are the same: rape in Sweden

Not all cultures are the same. Pretending otherwise is stupid.

While we may gaze in wonder at videos of lions playing with lambs, cats with mice, like animals there are significant differences in our cultures. Some good, some bad.

Things of course do evolve. But it takes generations. Once the only decent job a woman could have was to stay at home, raise her children. Now you see women working in all spheres of life in the western world. Sometimes it requires a massive social upheaval like a war or revolution to get remove different ways of seeing and behaving - and not all the time good or bad.

I marvel at the West desire to accept more refugees - in the past this was not the case. In America and Australia - the public was stridently against any form of asian immigration. In fact in 1919, Australia made a big effort to prevent Japan's push for a racial equality clause recognising the Japanese as racial equals. In 1923 America specifically banned Japanese immigrants. Until the 1970s Australia had a white only policy.

Now the trend is reversed. But I'm not sure whether the western nations are thinking very carefully over the migrants they are allowing into their country.

Cultures which treat women as chattel, as properties of men, and see a woman walking alone as worse than a prostitute, and have lax views on rape and violence towards women should be treated differently.

In Australia there have been cases of gang rapists - muslim arab migrants attacking white females. The outrage is of course quite tremendous. There was a case of three Australian caucasian men gang raping a young asian girl awhile back but it didn't get as much coverage. But it doesn't help the Australian Muslim community when one of their imans who is also a notorious welfare bludger -preaches that women wearing bikinis are like meat exposed in the open.

In Sweden and northern Scandinavian countries they've chose very admirably not to mention race and religion as if they are swear words. But facts are facts. You can choose to ignore them at your detriment.

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