Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hong Lim park protest: "All the World's a Stage"

So I'm here in Tonga and reading the news about Roy's "CPF" protest gone awry because it coincided with a special-children event. Supposedly some special-needs children got heckled by the anti-govt protesters. There was also a confrontation with the Minister who was attending the children's event. It all went horribly wrong according to some reports.

Now everyone is shooting everyone - even the venerable Mr Brown is somewhere there firing away. Its like the chaotic scene in Grand Hotel Budapest where all the soldiers are shooting each other. lol.

Hey I'm here in Tonga and I can already smell something is a bit fishy. Or maybe its because our boat has been stuck in a rust bucket port for over 100 days now. :)

So its just an unfortunate coincidence that the two events took place at the same time?

And it was an unfortunate coincidence that an important PAP minister was in the same PARK as a protest rally?? .... hah... interesting.


You already know how super kia-su our government is with regards to security, esp. with regard to the safety of our elite ministers.

Trivia Question: Guess how many SAF soldiers are guarding our Ministers homes now? Think about it :)

You have to wonder why the minister's minders didn't consider - hey, there is a govt protest rally taking place where our man is gonna be. I wonder what they thought? Did they think like a Primary 1 school girl, Ummm.... OK??? No problem??? :)

I think many people would realize that a govt minister near a protest rally is like a red flag to a bull.
These sorts of protest rallies usually attract very disaffected people with big chips on their shoulders, big axes to grind. They're all wound up. They're angry. In Australia - this usually results in a lot of screaming and shouting, plenty of coarse cursing, profanities ... and possibly a bloody riot. Its to be expected.

And there were special needs children there as well.... good grief ....

You know - most people would realize that bonfires, fireworks, and petrol stations don't belong together. So I find the entire episode ... ah... interesting.

Maybe someone goofed up.... but I doubt it.

Personally it would be very sad if there was some Machiavellian scheme happening on that day. I certainly hope no one was dreaming that special needs children would make great pawns.

You know the end result? This fracas discredits the protesters, throws the opposition into confusion - guess who wins?

You're living in the most carefully planned and engineered city in the world. You have to wonder how this could just happen.


Meanwhile onto issues of special need children... I read that a 30+ year old single mother who was convicted by killing her child has been sentenced to jail for 10 years.  Both suffer from mental health problems. I feel the greatest sympathy for single mothers who have to care for mentally handicap children. You can't imagine the horror it would be for them. On a funny note - Heck, even taking care of my active and healthy 3 year old nephew for one day and I already get a massive headache. Imagine having to care for a child who is screaming for attention 24 hours, can't clean themselves properly and has very little prospect of living an independent working life.

The poor mother should not be sent to prison for 10 years - she needs proper hospitalization for crying out loud. Counselling, psy treatment etc.. People who run scams - deliberately defrauding and cheating ordinary people out of their life savings should be sent to jail for 10 years or more - not mothers with serious mental health issues..

Apparently she had tried to seek help for her child - but got no where. Now she is facing 10 years in jail.

Meanwhile a bigtime ex-banker who was drinking alcohol and had fallen asleep in his Mercedes Benz runs down and kills a bicyclist. The rich man gets a few months in jail.

Seriously, wtf.

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