Wednesday, October 29, 2014

End of 2014 Bluetreasure Expedition Part 2

OK so I could complain that I spent over $12,000 and we sat around in port for 100 days, and eventually did just one wreck dive.... not to mention having my watermark in my photos for the expedition cut out + the indifference from our leader about it. But let's focus on some of the positive stuff shall we? :)

I like to go out, venture out, find stuff - that's why I joined this treasure hunting trip. I like to look for treasure.

I did some research and found the names of one of the wrecks that the earlier crew had found. I also found the names of other wrecks in the area and even the map location of one of the shipwrecks. I'm very pleased with that. I passed the information onto the captain but he didn't seem all that interested for some reason.

I'm also pleased that I made friends with Tongans - I learned some of their language and their customs like drinking kava (a ground root drink). Kava taste like muddy water - but if you can overlook that - it has a certain cleansing property that is unique and brings about a reflective mood. And that's life you know. You have to overlook or get over certain issues and try and find the good in the situation.

Unlike the rest of the crew who seem content on staying on the ship - I wandered around - I spent over a month in the main island and a month plus on 'Eua island - all days added up. When you wander around, visit places you can find interesting things - like good friends, wonderful people, and a fast fibre optic internet connection. lol. If I didn't find that telecom office which provided that service - we would have been stuck on the appallingly slow internet speed offered by coffee shop cafes in town.

Its actually not in my nature to go out. I'm usually content to stay at home and read a book.  But there was something claustrophobic about the ship I was on that made me want to get out and go. I felt like I was sitting in a car in a deserted carpark - that sort of feeling.

Can't talk much... I'm tired... but I have a date with two Japanese girls I met on 'Eua. They're coming over to Tongatapu (the main island). I really like one of them.

I don't ask for much. Pleasant conversation and a warm friendship. I hope this leads somewhere good. I wouldn't mind going back to 'Eua island. I haven't done the cave there and its suppose to be extraordinary.

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