Thursday, March 27, 2014

Confiscate Catholic church property and assets to give to the poor

I'm listening to the news about the pedophile activities and cover ups by the church leaders here in Australia.

It seems the whole thing is epidemic - not just here in Australia but also in Europe and America.

The horrifying thing is that the church leaders who moved the pedophile priests to unsuspecting congregations and covered up their crime - are still in power. I mean WTF?

I think with all the fubar stuff coming out of the Catholic Church with pedophile priests and a church leadership that actively covers it up - one great idea is confiscate half of all church property and assets and sell it off. I really don't understand how a church which has a religion based on frugality and giving can be so sinfully wealthy. The Vatican should be invaded and all its treasure and assets which came through the sale of indulgences should be given to the poor and needy.

I mean isn't that what Jesus was preaching about - sharing your wealth with the poor?

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