Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Australian justice system is fubar


The Australian and most Western governments and public seem to have a very breezy tolerance for violent crime against women. As a Singaporean I find this very hard to understand.

Anyone who infringes upon the sanctity of another individual, esp. a stranger - and rapes or bashes the person deserves no less than the harsh penalties.

If it was up to me - convicted hardcore rapists should be fed to sharks alive - and include the lawyers and judges that sympathize with the fiend.

It will cost over $100,000 a year to house, feed and keep the rapist of Jill Marr in prison. Seriously WTF for? The $100,000 could be spent on better public housing, education, road safety, hospitals. Its just a dumb fuck thing to do to try and rehab violent rapists - hang the fuckers - or tie them with weights and drown them in the tide if you're squeamish about hanging them.

In Australia - you get mass demonstrations for saving trees, kangaroos, wombats, the war on terrorism etc.. but very few big demonstrations against lenient sentences for rapists.

Sometime back ago - two sisters Colleen and Laura Irwin were raped and murdered by a felon that the Victorian Govt had imported from Western Australia and deliberately put him next door to the women without their knowledge - so that his chances of rehab would be better. When the Premier of Victoria Steve Bracks heard from the tragedy - his first response was to say that while it was a horrible thing and his sympathy goes to the family yadayada - the system was working well.

Seriously if I was king - I'd place every single violent parole offender next door to his family. No problem it seems to his logic cos they served their time already and are OK!!!!

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