Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The train ride - draft 1

I wrote this short short story about the H- back in 2009 - not sure how the idea came to me.

mummy i want to go home

hush child we're nearly there

i love you mommy

I know dear. hold my hand tightly now. be brave.

and as they got out from the cattle cars, the sound of screaming terrified people coupled with the barking orders from the camp guards and dogs was defening.

Melissa tried to cover her ears to shut out the horrifying sound but her hand was tightly gripping her mother's hand.

The crowd pressed heavily against the, The smell of sweat, urine, excrement mingled with awful fear stank the night air. Melissa felt her grip of her mother loosen by the jostling. She screamed. Then Anna scopped her up cradling her like a baby. She kissed Melissa, and said with shaking voice - "Its going to be alright, dear."

Let's say the prayer mummy.

"Though I walk through the shadow of death
I will fear no evil.. Thy rod and staff comfort me..."

They walked steadily through the gates then down a concrete trench leading to the gas chambers.

The steel door slapped shut with a gut wrenching groan.

"Are we going to die, mummy." Melissa finally asked.


"Are we going to heaven?"

"I don't know dear.... I don't know."

"But we'll be together?"

Anna looked at her daughter who seemed so brave. She suddenly realized Melissa was not crying. It was her tears that was raining down uncontrollably. Momentarily, she lost her composure. Then she gathered it back -

"Yes, we'll be together."

"That's all I need."

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