Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm spent the morning talking with one of my share brokers... it seems the consensus is that the market is way too high at the moment. So afterwards, I came back home and started doing my laundry. I got a pile of clothes to wash and afterwards I need to vacuum my room. The amount of dust that builds up in a week is surprising.

To while away my time, here are some of my thoughts on Australia, the Great Southland.

Australia like America - was a former British Colony. Both nations were setup as a prison colony. The big difference is that the Americans revolted against the British and threw them out. Then the Americans built their Republic and Democratic system "from scratch" - (notwithstanding their inspirations from the ancient Roman and Greek systems). And eventually they developed "The American Culture" and their way of doing things. Australia, however, was setup by the British- everything was passed down to them- their law courts, their govt systems- it was in essense- Britain's "mini-me". I hope any Aussie who reads this will pardon me for that comparison.

Inferiority complex- masculine culture- causing them to burrow to sports (real stuff) scorning acadmia or new developments. great inventors. black box, 747,

lefties loopy media/

breakdown of society

need for conservative govt

john howard- boring- john hewson loser of unlosable election

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