Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer is coming

Today was over 25C. Summer is here alright.

The Lavender needs some pruning back. Not too sure whether its too late to do it.

I didn't go for bible study group today. I haven't gone for months. Was toying with going for awhile. But to be honest I am finding the whole experience rather ... depressing is not the word.... anti-climatic? tiresome? disappointing...

The more I go the more I realize I have less in common with these people.

We go, we sing songs to God, we study another inspiring bible verse, pray for each other - and in my case, the same fucking problems - wait for supper, eat junk food, smile politely and go home.

I'm tired of fronting up to people I no longer have any affinity towards and share my godawful problems - which I think most of them don't give a damn about anyway.

I'm tired of making myself feel vulnerable.

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