Wednesday, February 20, 2008

St Paul would not have been impressed

I used to read this sort of crap in University- and get lecturers telling me how "great" such arguments were. Now, I just see such talk as rubbish gilded with gold paint. How such people get into power I wonder.

    Earlier on, I proposed that the criterion for recognising and collaborating with communal religious discipline should be connected with whether a communal jurisdiction actively interfered with liberties guaranteed by the wider society in such a way as definitively to block access to the exercise of those liberties; clearly the refusal of a religious believer to act upon the legal recognition of a right is not, given the plural character of society, a denial to anyone inside or outside the community of access to that right. Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams

Read here how someone thinks Rowan's ideas are as useful as a car with 4 flat tyres and a busted engine in the middle of the freeway at rush hour.


Kathleen Ang said...

That is so stupid. I go as far as to say that some muslims, especially women would have been breathing a sigh of relief that sharia law is not around to bind them or make them live in fear. And this Anglican suggest this to put them back into a life of fear again???

Yauming YMC said...

Its all about cultural sensitivity, being aware of other religions and taking appropriate stances to minimize the potential for friction in a multicultural post-Christian GAIA loving environment. HA! The morons can see the gnat but can't see the elephant in front of them.