Thursday, February 14, 2008

Melbourne Home

My home in Melbourne 2008. Its amazing but the roses have survived the drought of 2007 very well. Its as if God took care of them. No water, no care, I thought they would have all died. Instead, they thrived in the dry conditions. Now with a bit of rain, they've started getting blackspot.


Serene Goh said...

hey...its really a small world! I'm from Melbourne too. I grew up there my whole life and I only came back to spore about 5 yrs ago to get some "hard life" working experience. Which suburb are you staying at? My home is in Rowville, right behind Stud Park. I'll be heading to Melbourne for this Xmas and New Years, maybe we can catch up! You probably know all the best foods better than me now as I've been away for so many years! haha :)

Yauming YMC said...

lol. Quite a few Melbournians are in Spore now. My sister's in laws were staying in Rowville - but they've all moved to Berwick now. I'm in Doncaster East - near the Pines Shopping Centre. I don't think I'll be in Melbourne in Xmas though I'm going back to Spore in Nov and probably stay there til April. I hate Melbourne Summer. Hayfever and 40C temperature - who needs it!!! lol

Yauming YMC said...

small world... my church is in rowville too - on stud road opposite the shopping strip with the dive shop.