Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Man feeds himself to Shark

True story. Man gets himself fed to shark.

In other words, the dude went scuba diving for sharks. And to attract them - they threw in bloody chumps of meat.

Wow. Why am I not surprised. He might as well have painted himself black and white, covered himself with tomato sauce, and run into the enclosure for tigers and lions during their happy meal time.

Read the silly story here.



Ann Tai said...

haha. the thing im most fearful of when i go diving, are sharks. even the harmless ones, i cringe!
but still, that was really silly of the man though.

by the way, what makes you think tigers/lions like tomato sauce? i personally prefer sweet chili (;

Yauming YMC said...

Heehee, perhaps the tigers do have a taste for sweet chilli ! lol. And possibly with some tabsco sauce too!

As for the sharks, the Great Whites are not seen in the warmer waters, and so long as you keep a respectful distance, the other ones won't bother you. We'll be diving in the Maldives with the big fish - and possibly encounter some whales, hammerheads and tiger sharks... exciting huh?

Jeremy N said...

Bull sharks have also been known to attack without provocation (like GWS's), but they're more of a concern in the Caribbeans and southern US states where they are known to swim upriver in freshwater.... but i think the Maldives should be fine =) Hammerheads are the coooolest looking fish EVER!