Monday, May 07, 2007

Fell asleep at Choir practice today

Oh crap. I totally zonked out at Choir practice this afternoon. Man it was embarrassing. I should have excused myself and just taken a cab back home and gone to sleep.

I've not been having good sleep lately. A big tropical house lizard has set up camp in the ceiling lofts in my room. Every so often it will emit a loud awful screeching sound and wakes me up throughout the night. No, I'm not going to hyperlink it- google it yourself. I so hate them.

I've tried to chase it out and even set up traps for it- but its fairly elusive. I think its hiding in the curtains- once I pulled open the curtains and it fell - splat- on the floor. It looked totally gross.

Anyhow, we had choir practice after church today. I felt ok but after lunch, and sitting in the air-con room, I was overcome by the Z-monster and fell dead asleep- whilst our conductor, Tong Jen was training us. I wonder whether I should apologize.

I couldn't concentrate on my notes- man I totally lost it today.

When the class finished I went straight home and fell on my bed. But darn it I didn't fall asleep!!! I was sweaty after the walk home... It took me awhile before I finally nodded off.

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