Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ab Oriente : Choral Concert

I love hearing the sound of beautiful singing- esp. music that incorporates the full harmony and complexity of the human voice. To date, only choral music (from the ancient past) has that.

Its difficult to find groups which can perform this sort of music. Its even harder to find them here in Singapore where such music is totally foreign and alien.

However I've been fortunate to being introduced to this music group - AB ORIENTE - comprised of talented well trained musicians who live here in Singapore. Its a small group numbering between 4 - 6.

Their first concert in 2004 at KK Methodist Church was absolutely magnificent. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was manna for the ears.

Their recent performance was at the Auditorium, The Arts Museum. They held two performances- I attended both of them. The second one on Saturday was delightful and worth hearing again. Go here to find out more about their next performance

I invited nearly everyone I knew to go- but virtually everyone didn't show up. Its sad that a thing of beauty lies unnoticed. But I guess its just human nature. We go for things we love.

For samples of their music go here (but be warned that the music recording is raw and therefore not clear)

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