Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mad Men: The End (Spoilers)

Just watched the end of Mad Men. The ending was ok. Maybe a bit too happy sappy.

The confessed love between Peggy and her art director was rather vacuous. Wasn't he still married to a nurse? I felt Peggy's end was more or less settled when she swaggered into McCann's office half-drunk and with a cig in her mouth carrying Cooper's pornographic Japanese painting. Trying to conclude her story arc with an office romance was ... pointless, bland, stereotypical bullshit.

Don's meandering as he journeys to California seemed also a bit... convoluted padding. I thought the small town scene opened up a possibility that his former past may be brought up to condemn him. I was waiting for someone in that small veteran party to say - "Don Draper? My former bunk mate in OCS ?" or "I served with you in Korea - who the hell are you???!!" and bust his balls later with the cops when he got accused of stealing the vet funds.

I didn't mind Don's affair with the waitress - another lost and damaged soul worse off than Don. I get that the writers are trying to show him trying to help women in distress - like his own mum - but getting nowhere.

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