Friday, May 01, 2015

Death Penalty - Capital Punishment Asia vs Australia

There's been much uproar over the execution of the two drug smuggling leaders in Indonesia. Personally I don't have much of a problem with the death penalty if it is meted out against 100% convicted murderers and violent gangsters and pedophile rapists.

Over here in Australia and indeed in most Western nations - there take a decidedly lax view towards such people.

Sometime ago in Melbourne a gangster shot his girlfriend and two people who came to her aid in broad daylight in full view of the public. The good samaritan a father of two was killed. I suspect that the gangster will be paroled due to good behavior at some stage.

Governments and justice systems in the west frequently parole criminals who are most likely to re-offend. In this example the parole kills a mother and tortures her children.

It happens so regularly here in Australia that most people here don't give two shits. Strangely however they have more time to protest over the sentencing of two drug leaders.

There is a distinct moral apathy in the West.

Partly its due to their belief in human rights - for prisoners. Keeping a criminal in jail in the West is very expensive - due to their adherence to basic "human rights" of all human beings - even a criminal who murders 50 women and children in one day - ie Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur mass murderer.

In Australia it cost $100,000 to keep an inmate in jail per year. The state is responsible for his welfare including his dental. And many criminals are happy to go to jail for that reason.

Example: The murderer rapist who bashed to death a young female pastry chef on her way to work said he was happy to go to jail because he finally had a roof over his head and food to eat.

Seriously wtf.

So Tax dollars that could be spent on improving public schooling, the health system, is being diverted to feed and house murdering rapist thugs.

Honestly, I'd put them on the end of a beach during low tide and let nature take its course. No need to hang or shoot or electrocute - too drama. Goodbye!!

But in Australia and the West they much prefer to put them in jail for a short while and release them back into the community... the fact that they will quite likely reoffend again doesn't seem to faze the authorities.

Rapist thug who got caught only when he attacked a celebrity the media care for.

When an imported criminal brought over to help his rehabilitation - raped and murdered two sisters who came to the city to work and start a good life -the then Premier of Victoria Steve Bracks was very dismissive of the tragedy - saying the system was working. A little while later convicted child rapists escaped from jail - true story - and the authorities prevented the release of their names on the grounds of their privacy.

Seriously. This is Australia for you. Political leaders more concerned over the welfare of violent criminals than for the safety of its most vulnerable citizens.

The fact that Australia recalls its ambassador from Indonesia over the deaths of two certified 100% drug lords speaks volumes over the lost direction of Australia's morality.

In the West - there is a strong belief that reform, second chance, redemption is the more noble approach to crime. This stems from the Christian religion of forgiveness. But in this case its corrupted in this application. The State isn't suppose to forgive. The State exist to protect the public. Otherwise wtf are we refraining from arming ourselves to the teeth and paying taxes for?

I come from the East and I believe the first and foremost concern for the authorities is to protect the lives of innocent people - esp young women and children.

Why should they be given a second chance - to reoffend again?

OK. Having said that - there is a huge... a massive reaction against capital punishment.

Politicians, Priests, top judges, many thousands of people will rally in the street to protest against the capital punishment even of an absolute criminal.

You would think that the executed criminal was a hero.

Even simple honest, hard working teachers, nurses don't get this kind of celebrity treatment. The moral compass of the West is sometimes really haywire.

And for that very reason I think capital punishment should be... set aside. It just causes too much problems.

Indonesia should have commuted the sentences for drug smugglers to life imprisonment. It doesn't cost a lot of money to house criminals in Indonesia, even Singapore.

Put them in a remote location - a desert, an inhospitable island. Harsh life. Allow them all the tax-free cigarettes they want. Let them take drugs if they like. Let nature take its course.

Make them do hard labor, break rocks etc..Swim in the sea.

No protests. No adverse reaction. Everyone happy. And criminals don't get a hero treatment.

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