Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chinese girl gets raped and murdered in the most livable city in the world - Melbourne

Its sometimes unsettling to read the news and come across frightful stories like this - a young female pastry chef walking to work was attacked and raped and brutally murdered by a drunk.

The previous day he had been harassing women. He wasn't arrested. He got thrown out of a bar. No one seemed to call the police.

I'm not sure what the police were doing. Probably spending too much time doing revenue raising bullshit like chasing after motorists doing 2km over the speed limit downhill. And its much easier to fine a pensioner doing 62 in a 60km zone than trying to manhandle a drunk into the detention centre. Thanks to the former police commissioner - she was obese btw - physical tests were lowered for police.

Why is the State even bothering to put him in jail. He should have been shot on the spot.

Instead the State is going to now spend $100k annually keeping him in jail - maybe trying to rehab him and he'll end up reoffending again quite likely once he gets out. What you want to see him rape a 6 year old girl before you throw the book at him? Fuck that - he already blew his chances when he raped and murdered a fellow totally innocent human being. Hang the fucker already or put him in the sea at low tide and let nature take its course.

The other thing that makes me wonder is why the media isn't making a big deal out of this. If it had been a Muslim man raping a white girl or an ABC journalist like Jill Meagher - the Aussie Press would be covering their rags all over the shit. But no, its an Asian girl with a weird name. And just like Dr Cao (Victoria University lecturer) bashed to death for fun by street thugs who got less than a few months in jail or 8 year old Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu raped to death in a shopping mall - there will be no memorial, no garland of wreaths, no big deal in Australia.

Update: Meanwhile the Prime Minister of Australia is intervening for the lives of two convicted drug lords. You can expect the QC lawyers, judges politicians to have a minute of silence for them if they die - or hold a protest.... WTF???? You think any of those people raped, killed, bashed to death on the streets of australia are going to get one fucking sorry tear from any of those leaders?

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