Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charlie Hebdo: The Muslim terrorist attack in Paris

"We are scared"  - that's the biggest unspoken thing in the room at the moment. And the lack of admission of this truth is infuriating and speaks of dishonesty.

The truth is  - they are fearful - not of Presbyterian coffee makers, Catholic soup kitchen helpers, Buddhist chanters, Jewish bankers, Jesus Freak hippies - they are fearful of the reaction of Middle Eastern Muslims. From the assassin who murdered the Japanese translator of Salman Rushid's work to the 911 hijackers - to the thugs who beat up Australian lifeguards at Cronella - they all share the same culture and belief system.

For all the bluster that the media establishment make - from the NY Times to Melbourne's Age Newspaper - "We are Charlie Hebdo" signs lack authenticity without the actual incriminating cartoons that got the staff all killed by Muslim religious extremists.

Say it - "I'm scared of them". Its good to be honest. But you don't want to  because it reveals that you are weak, vulnerable and open to accusations that you are a coward or a hypocrite.

Let's face it - for all the Christian or Buddhist cartoons the magazine put up - no one was terribly worried about what the multi-billion dollar Vatican church or the Buddhist associations would do to them.

Here in Melbourne - there was an art exhibit where the artist had "Piss Christ"- which had a Christian symbol in the artist's urine. Its puerile. But hey I won't go to the artist's exhibit; I'm  not going to hunt him down and toilet-paper roll his home.

The Melbourne Age newspaper was stupid enough to call it a courageous or brave exhibit. Fuck off. He did it for the sensational power of doing it. Dare he do it with a Muslim religious artifact? I doubt it.

All around the world - everyone is concerned about what will happen to them if they dare offend the people of the Muslim faith.

Why? Because they have plenty of believers who defend their faith with violence.

Say it. Admit you are scared to the risks these people will pose to yourself, to your family, your children, your wives, your girlfriends, your home. No one in their right mind wants to risk their home being firebombed at night or that your wife will be raped by a gang of thugs because their iman told them she deserved it for wearing "provocative clothing".

There is a threat. Admit it. Say it. There is a tiger in the room. What are you going to do to address it?

Don't let all that Political-correctness etiquette preclude you from saying the obvious.

Before you can find a solution for a problem you have to know what the problem is and admit it.

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