Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sydney Siege Terrorist deemed not a threat except to the woman he may have killed

Sydney judge William Pierce released two murder suspects - one of whom is the terrorist in the Martin Place hostage siege that resulted in the murder of two innocent citizens. He argued that they weren't a threat to society - only to the person whom they (probably may have) murdered.

I'm not sure why there are so many crazy Australian judges who pass ridiculous sentences. I think its because they are not accountable if the person they release reoffends.

I think a law should be passed to allow victims to sue the judge if the criminal he deems as "not a threat to society" kills or injures another person. That seems very fair.

The victims should also be allowed to sue the State if they allow criminals loose who re-offend, rape, torture, murder their fellow citizens.

I'm still amazed that the judge who released that terrorist nutcase can actually accept his allegations that ASIO and the Iranian Secret Police were invading his home and claim that he posed no threat to society other than to his wife who was killed.

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