Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Movie Review: Fury - Awful 2/5

I just watched Fury - the WW2 movie starring Brad Pitt and a Sherman Tank called Fury.

I'll write more about it later - I'll just say that it had the potential to be an epic movie. However the fight scenes were unrealistic - sometimes laughably so.

You had to be a really big fan of Brad Pitt to be able to brush aside the ridiculous scenarios.

The movie was so disjointed - there was an uneven flow through the movie, plenty of dead spots where you don't feel anything other than this is dreadfully boring, awkward, I don't have any connection or empathy with the characters.

Its suppose to be based on true stories - and also suppose to be a character study but the actors all seemed to be cardboard stereotypes - about as real as a WW2 propaganda poster.

What was good... the set design was great. The props, the vehicles (they used a real Tiger tank) etc.. all lovingly recreated.

This reminds me of those Airfix box kits I used to build as a kid. They'd have a stunning gorgeous box artwork. Then I'd clumsily put them together... wait ... I think I took more care into putting the airfix planes together. But let's say I hadn't slept for 2 nights and spent it drinking copious amount of Coca-cola - and deliriously tried to put the model kit together. Yeah, the end result is a match up to this movie.

Could have been great. WTF happened? Who Wrote this piece of crap?

I don't understand how millions of dollars can be spent on a film - but the story itself is so badly written. Is this the sort of society we've become?

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