Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Girl

I took this photo of a cute Japanese tourist at the famous rooftop pool at Marina Bay Sands.

Some prudes may call this lewd. But I think they are more likely green with jealousy.

A beautiful creature - woman, man, bird or flower deserves to be prized - their beauty deserves to be honored. That is about as natural as color or fragrance in flowers. It would be a very silly person to attempt to compare a flower's color to the usefulness of say... timber. But in our puritanical society some people try and put down women who are pretty. In some cultures - they want them to be totally covered up as because they are the property of their father, husband or clan.

I think such thinking is anarchic... it makes about as much sense as openly carrying a sword with you on main street.

A woman's beauty is like that of a flower. Eventually it will fade. So what I say. Are we so dismissive of a sunset, or rainbow just because it is fleeting? Are we going to detract from eating good food because it eventually turns to shit?

Some people act like they are going to live forever. Everyone is going to die. Even this planet that we are on.

What is life but something which is very temporal? Like sex. Like a Woman's Beauty. Like a man's life. Live life. Live it to the full. Enjoy it while you can. Help others. Try and share what you have with others who lack - even joy. Refrain from hurtful thoughts about other people. That's my philosophy.

Anyhow enjoy her photo. She's beautiful.

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