Monday, September 29, 2014

Last week of September 2014, Nuk'alofa Tonga

Listen to this.

Last week of September 2014 - our boat is still stuck in the wharf in Tongatapu, Nuku'alofa. Its been 4 months and we still haven't gone to where we are suppose to go to.

In the captain's own words - the trip has been somewhat of a disaster.

The magnotometer is still stuck in the factory in Canada - I don't hold much hope for its imminent return. It took the factory workers over two weeks to pick it up from the airport - and another week or so to even get around to opening it up. Or maybe it was more. Crikey.

My fear is that we will be stuck here in this godforsaken wharf to the end of this season.

I had a real awful, bad feeling before this trip. I dismissed it as just anxiety. Maybe I should have listened to my gut.

I'm a scuba diver. I found about this trip on the scuba diver forum. Come join us to search for sunken treasure ships!!!! WOW!!!! Hurray!!! But how many operational scuba dives have we done so far ????? Zero. Nada. Ziltch. Bugger all.

Disappointment is the hardest thing to hide sometimes.

Thankfully the captain has allowed me to travel around - I went to the beautiful island of 'Eua for three weeks - and spent another two weeks in Pangai, Ha'a'pai doing whale swims. I made friends with Tongans and I'm trying to learn their language. I can even see business opportunities here (outside of diving and treasure hunting).

Meanwhile, the ship's toilet has broken down. I think one of the crew ate too many papayas (paw-paw) haha.

I've got a phobia about using ship's toilets. On a dive ship in Thailand - I was using the ship's toilet - finished my shower, brushed my teeth, got nice and dry and clean. There was a piece of shit in the toilet bowl - not mine and it couldn't be flushed - the toilet system wasn't working because the Japanese daytripper divers had clogged up the system with paper towels. Just as I was about to get out - the toilet bowl erupted like a volcano. Fucking Krakatoa!!!! That toilet was a small room no fucking place to go except fucking out!!!! - but I couldn't get out quickly because the fucking lock was gritty rusty. By the time I managed to open the door I was covered in shit water.

I try and do my shits straight into the open sea at night. Our boat toilet does this too. But you have to manually pump it out. Thankfully the place where we are moored has few boats and people around - so for me the broken toilet is'n't a serious problem. I just take a dump off the duckboard of our boat and feed the fishies. :) Its quite liberating doing a shit and being a part of nature's cycle.

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