Friday, August 01, 2014

Prostitution and corruption in Singapore

Personally I have no objections to what people do in their own time so long as they aren't getting hurt or hurting someone else. That's why I don't see a problem with women selling their bodies - its afterall a service like masseurs, cooks, in fact anyone who offers a service... I scratch your back, you pay for my time and effort.*

What I do find objectionable is when people get exploited - like this Singaporean policeman exploiting Thai women and tricking them to work obscene hours and conditions for him. How can that fucker smile like that?

What I do find strange is how pimps can somehow manipulate women to work for them willingly - somehow the girls even fall in love with the pimp - their exploiter. That is indeed mystifying to me how a pimp can command the respect, loyalty and devotion of the women he is exploiting. Maybe its the same way an Army General can do the same with his soldiers - ordering them to fight and die for him willingly. Or for that matter Labor politicians... I hope these people - pimps, generals, politicians spend eternity in horrible agony reaping the karma they have sown.

I want to live in a world where people do not get exploited. People do not get cheated. And wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a few. But this is the state that the world is in now.

Maybe I don't understand human emotions. I find myself being generous with my friends and relatives- and strangely I find that the more I give - casually even - the more some people take me for granted. It really is peculiar. Maybe there is a flaw in my nature - or some unseen sign that I have at my back - painted in neon colors "SUCKER".

We watched a film yesterday called "The Ides of March" - which alludes to the murder of Julius Caesar and Roman conspiracies. It offers a pretty fucked up view of US politics. I'm finding it sad as I grow up that sometimes one has to be cruel, unkind deliberately so to manipulate people to like you. But do I want to be such a person? No.

*Talking about time and effort - can someone explain to me how come the bankers and lawyers responsible for the subprime disaster that resulted in the lost of billions of dollars to ordinary people - are still being paid extraordinary sums of money?

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