Saturday, August 02, 2014

Back at port

We're back in port. The weather in Nomoku has worsen. A fishing boat disappeared two days ago in rough seas - suspected capsized. I hope they are found safe sheltering in some remote island.

I'm going to stay at a backpacker's for a few days. Get my own room, chill out... and also to just get away from my crew mates.

Fact is - we haven't commenced work - the mag broke down - the weather is shit - and I'm not enjoying boat life very much when one of the crew keeps on picking at me.

Today when we got into port - I got a drink for the captain - placed my drink on the table and was just about to starting chatting with him when the crew member gave me this look and complained I was occupying too many places on the boat. FFS - its just one drink on a table that can fit four people - wtf is her problem???

Get this - she was sitting on the bridge table which can fit 4 people - there was no one else there except for her - and my drink placed on the opposite end. Rather than politely asking me to move my drink so she can sit on that end of the table - she rudely told me off.

I felt like asking her - "So how big is your arse? Is it so big you need the whole fucking table?"

But really that sort of talk just goes down and makes things worse - next thing you know its going to be WW2.

Anyway - fuck all that. I'm going to sit in my room and finish reading "Never Let me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro .

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