Friday, February 21, 2014

Speak - Slam Poetry in Singapore

I attended Speak - a slam poetry performance at Home Club Riverwalk.

Poetry Slam is where poets read out and perform - hand gestures etc.. in public. They don't just stand there and read from the script. So you get this visual and vocal performance as well.

I found it - impressive to see so much talent - and here in Singapore too. Whats more I identified with a lot of the stuff they were talking about - when the NYC dude talked about being called a Kuntung "Potato" in the army - fuck, that was me, when someone else talked about being conflicted with the official version of mother tongue - that was me too.

this is my people, this is my culture, this is my Singapore.

on a pleasant note - I met a girl, an extraordinarily pretty girl with porcelain skin. She had angel wings tattooed on her back. We talked a bit. She thought I was a foreigner. I proudly told her I can trace my ancestry back 200 years. lol. She was with friends - one of them was performing on stage rapping about sex with an imaginary friend. She left early after he had finished. Didn't get her number. But then again, she didn't seem that interested. Now she flits through my mind, a porcelain angel with tattooed wings.

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