Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beauty is fleeting

I like looking at beautiful women. I find them irresistible to look at even if they are extremely haughty and proud.

I think they should enjoy their time in the sun while it lasts. Beauty is afterall fleeting. Once they get approach 40 its unfortunately game over for many women. Some people might object to this truth - but its a hard truth just like how many women are attracted to men who are rich and can provide for their children. Gravity is real too.

Each passing day their beauty fades like flowers, like fruit on the vine. There are women that looked like goddess 10 - 20 years ago, but now...

But should we then say like one of the writers in the Bible - to look down on beauty? I don't think so. Beauty is created by God. If you walk through a field of beautiful flowers do you bitch about how they won't last so its meaningless? No, you enjoy it. You enjoy the moment while it lasts.

The same goes for beautiful women. You might want to mock them. Laugh at them. Sneer with derision at them like pharisees - but God made them - God bestowed them with beauty just like He made the flowers of the field.

I confess that I take some dark pleasure in knowing that the girls who spurned my advances 10 or 20 years ago no longer have any physical attraction to me now - but seriously, should I feed that sort of negative attitude in myself. Thinking shit thoughts makes you a shit person.

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