Thursday, December 05, 2013

One more time

Occasionally I like to write poetry... I don't really know much about the mechanics of poetry. I wouldn't be able to compose a sonnet to save my own skin nor write a haiku ... but I like rhythm and the right word and poetry isn't poetry to me unless it makes you feel something.

A bit of background - so I met this girl awhile back, and we connected - I went back to Melbourne and all of a sudden she just dropped out. No messages. Nada. Totally cold. Its been over five months already but it seems more like 5 days since we last met or sometimes 5 years. The memory of her still remains fresh within me. Her smile especially. So here we go...

"Let me see you one more time
To touch you and feel the divine
I don't care if you aren't mine
I want to be with you if only for a brief moment in time."
YMC Singapore Dec 5th 2013

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