Sunday, November 10, 2013

The bad son

Not much to report that is interesting really.

My mum in Singapore called me up a week ago angry that the electricity bill has been cut to our Singapore flat.

The bills are normally "giroed" (automatically deducted) from my old joint bank account. There is usually a lot of cash sitting there from our dividends and we should have no problems paying for it.

Unfortunately after I told my mum about where the dividends were going she decided to get them paid into her own personal bank account.

Then she decided to withdraw any remaining cash from the old joint bank account to feed her gambling addiction.

When questioned about it - she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Yes".

Any cash that I transferred into the account to help the bills was taken by her to gamble.

I gave up and let the account run dry.

And now the electricity has been cut and she wants me to top it up.

I feel like telling her to go 1234 herself. But she's my mum..

I am also too tired to care.

And she of course refuses to admit she has a problem.

On the surface she seems like such a kind gentle well mannered person. So I think everyone assume that whatever is going wrong must be my fault. I'm the bad son.

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