Saturday, January 05, 2013

I dislike people with short tempers

I dislike people with short tempers, particularly people who are petty minded. I think they are one of the worse kind of people to be around with. They often have very big egos or self-esteem issues and constantly need affirmations of some kind.

They are also very tiring to be around with. Emotionally draining.

And when they sulk - they expect the whole world to sulk too. "I'd like to buy the world a Sulkist and furnish it with emo depression..." See it doesn't even rhyme but I'm sad so deal with it etc....

I see it as a bondage of the mind. They are bound by a spell, a word, which holds them back. They are caught in a trap and desire to ensnare others in it as well.

Daily I pray for her release. Sometimes every minute in the hour is spent in prayer. Even on a boat in the middle of Papua, my thoughts are with her.

And I also pray that I do not become like her and the person that I will eventually marry will not be similarly tempered.

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