Saturday, January 05, 2013

Approaching that time of year again...

Yes, approaching that time of year again.

A time of retrospection and being morose. I'm not particularly good at taking alcohol so I don't find it fun to get drunk. I or rather my body doesn't see the point of it. I could handle many 5 cups of good red wine and then I stop.

Not much to really complain about. Got a good roof over my head. Bank account is fairly solid. Got an outstanding mortgage to pay off - but who hasn't?

But love life wise - it has been pretty much going nowhere. I thought that a scuba diver friend "SL" would prove a match. But it fizzled it out faster than 10bar.

At least with the share trading front that seems to be a glimmer of hope and "MD", after much prayer, has reined in her gambling habit to an extent. But it is a constant neverending worry. She now wants to buy an iPad after seeing how easy one of her friends use it. Irony. Sometime back - I told her I'd buy her one and she literally screamed at me.

I thought of  "C" today. And I miss her. I miss her body next to mine. I miss her kisses. I miss going out with her to the classical music concerts.

But its been 4 years since we were last physically together and we parted angrily. Although she did send an apology text message and I reciprocated the same.

But the summary is that it won't work. She has a child (by another marriage) and she keeps on wondering whether I'll be like her former husband despite the fact that I am not.

But that day that we departed, well, I remember it to this day. And I realized as she drove off that it wouldn't work.

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