Friday, July 31, 2009

Petition for Lecturer whose cruel killers got 2 years in jail

You may have seen in the news, a report about Dr Cao Zhongjun, a 41 year old lecturer in Victoria University who was bashed and killed for fun as he was walking home from work.

The killers, a gang of bored youths, wanted a mobile phone. They didn't even threaten Dr Cao, they just bashed him without any provocation or warning. When he fell down, the ringleader kicked him in the head so hard he injured his own foot.

The killers weren't hungry or trying to get food for their family or even desperate. They brutally murdered an innocent man, who was walking home from work, for the sheer pleasure of it. I can't think of anything more evil than that.

Two of the gang who participated in the attack received light sentences - 2 years. Their jail sentence is also reduced due to the amount of time they spent in remand. They were very happy about it.

Read it here.,21985,24833691-661,00.html,21985,25855192-2862,00.html

Yesterday, the same judge sentenced the ringleader to 10 or 15 years in jail for killing Dr Cao. Frankly, I don't understand why the whole lot of them aren't canned, then hung, or preferably fed live to sharks.

The judge made a lot of noise about the racial motivation behind the act - as if murdering a man for fun was a lesser offense. The judge ought to be beaten too. The light sentencing these murderers got are immoral. I just don't understand why Australians aren't more outraged by this.

Sometime back, when a drug smuggler was hanged overseas, Australian politicians held a minute's silence in Parliament for him, the biggest church in Melbourne held High mass for him (normally reserved for heroes), top lawyers wept for him and held vigils in his honor, and all the Aussie news stations played his story for weeks. They've got pretty bizarre notions of justice.

A petition has been set up to complain about the light sentences received by the murderers. You can sign it here (which is the point of this email)

The Chinese edition is here

Dr Cao's mother, a devout Christian, apparently took her own life after his murder. Dr Cao leaves behind a grieving wife and child. How sad to have survived the China Revolution persecutions only to come to a foreign land to lose your own son and die in despair. Reminds me of Naomi in the Bible...

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