Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Winter

Man, I'm so cold. I woke up this morning and it must have been like 7C in my room. I didn't have the strength to make my coffee. My house was positively freezing. I blame the classical music soundtrack. I'm going to play Offspring in the morning to start my day.

I need to start off the day with a bit more aggression in Winter.

On top of all this. My Beetle's engine carburator started leaking petrol badly. I'm toying with the idea of dismantling the damn thing and fixing it myself.

Right now, I wish I was back in Singapore. Walk down the street for a meereebus, curry chicken, ginger coffee, fishhead curry.

My head is frozen. A good massage in a hot sauna would be just the trick now.


Andrew Hall said...

cold weather = good ski conditions... look at the bright side of life!

Jeremy N said...

K-Mart polar fleece blanket. Best $20 you'll spend this winter!

Andrew Hall said...

he's trying to get out of the bed in the morning... a polar fleece blanket will keep him in bed all day.

Yauming YMC said...

I need to go for a run and get my metabolism up to speed.