Monday, June 15, 2009

Aid workers murdered

@#$%. Some people groups are a bunch of savages. You go to their country and try and help them, heal their f@#$ing sick, bring western medicine to them. And the ignorant morons murder you. You hear horror stories of how backward in mind and spirit these people are. This is one of them.

On another topic... I wonder whether giving western aid to these sorts of places is counter productive. It takes a lot of effort for a society to produce good doctors and for that matter, a good stable govt, road and transport infrastructure, hospital buildings, a medical pharmaceutical logistics network etc.. A civilized society does not just happen. Its takes centuries to evolve. Not just that- but it takes a good culture to produce a civic society.

But in some parts of the world - honestly - their cultures are totally fubar. And the results are obvious - their country is in total distress. They can't care for their young so they produce more kids in the hope that a percentage of them will survive - apparently. The truth is probably more like the men just want to bonk the females whatever chance they can get and don't understand birth control. Whats that?

But we give them aid, medical aid, food etc.. which come from our surplus. In some respects - its a bit like giving cash to a drug addict. Its not going to change him. And the problem gets worse. Perhaps you save a million people. But in ten years time, you have to feed another 10 million in a land controlled by anarchy and moronic destructive cultures. So we try and teach them about AIDs, STDs, and then the idiots think we are trying to poison them.

The current thinking is to respect other people's cultures - and not condemn the ridiculous and barbaric practices of other cultures. Like Albino killing or how Saudi Arabia executes homosexuals or women caught in the company of another man. But you've got to ask - why are we supporting barbaric cultures?

Seven out of nine foreign hostages including a child were found murdered in northern Yemen on Monday, security officials said.

"We have found the corpses of seven people who were kidnapped," a local security official said. "They were killed."

Two of the three children captured with the group were reportedly found alive.

The bodies were found by the son of a tribal leader in Noshour, east of the volatile Saada mountainous area of northern Yemen where the nine were abducted, the official said.

The authorities had accused Shi'ite Zaidi rebels in Saada of seizing seven Germans, a British engineer and a South Korean woman teacher. The rebels denied the charge.

The nine - among them three German children and two women nurses - belong to an international relief group that has been working at a hospital in Saada province bordering Saudi Arabia for 35 years, a local official said on Sunday.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the kidnapping - the latest in a string of abductions of foreigners in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Seoul confirmed that a South Korean, identified by her family name Eom, 34, had been missing since Thursday evening in Yemen when she joined members of the relief group for a walk.

Local sources said the group was a Christian Baptist organisation that also has a medical team in the hospital at Jebla, south of Sanaa, where an Islamist militant killed three American doctors in December 2002.

In Berlin, a foreign ministry spokesman had declined to confirm that Germans had been seized, saying only that the German embassy in Sanaa was in "close contact" with the Yemeni authorities.

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