Saturday, May 23, 2009

Australian Speeding Fines

Got this in my mail today. Rather than spamming my friends- I'll put it up in my blog.

Probably true.


Hi All,

Just had a conversation about speed tickets and all that. So passing in this knowledge to you.

If you have a speeding offence for speeds up to 10km/h over the speed limit, you can apply for an official warning.

 Details about how you can apply are contained in the link:

 I recently got one, and had it withdrawn in favour of an official warning.

 Below is a sample letter I wrote in. Just change it to meet your requirements.

 Hope it can help you guys.



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Andrew Hall said...

Yes YM, it is true. Write a letter to civic compliancce. You need to have a clear record and it cannot be used for mobile phone fines. Yemin managed to write one successfully for not having his lights on at dusk and got off that one. =)