Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Best Sashimi in Melbourne and other cool stuff

My friends Tavis and Elena introduced me to this great Sashimi shop in Prahran. Its run by a Japanese couple who serve sashimi - Nippon style - meaning SUPER FRESH! And the prices are fairly reasonable too - about $34 a kilo.

The address is 237 High Street, Prahran Vic 3181. Phone 95102318 and Mobile 0403858070. Do give them a call an hour before you show up, as it takes them sometime to prepare the fish.

I like driving in Melbourne Eastern suburbs - there are just so many adorable houses with such great character - stained glass, slate roofs, ornate pillars, cute windows, tall chimneys, and oh so exquisitely and lovingly put together. (Yes, I know you see similar looking houses that have recently been built - but by comparison - they look like they were built by industrial robots with zero taste.)

And there are just so many cute boutique shops like this

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