Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Come and get me you miserable bastards!"

A line even King Leoindas would be proud of.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) was chasing after Paul Hogan (yes, Crocodile Dundee) for purported unpaid taxes. The ATO generally seem disinterested in going after real crooks like like drug barons , mobsters etc.. and going after rich tycoons is not worth their while as they usually can afford an army of elite commando lawyers who chew ATO lawyers for breakfast. Easier to go after individuals who don't have access to real weapons or uber defence lawyers.

Hogan who doesn't have access to expensive elite lawyers - had this to say to them:

"Come and get me you miserable bastards."

This guy in my book is a hero. Hopefully, he'll also teach the ATO the difference between a knife and a real knife.

Knowing the ATO - they'll just spend several hundred million dollars on legal fees and crap and end up not doing anything.


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