Friday, October 27, 2006

Life so far

Quite a few things have happened.

I guess one of the most eventful was having this guy walk up to me just before TaiChi class and ask me what were the three most important things I could say to someone.

I thought initially he was nuts. But he seemed fairly serious. So I told him
1. God loves you.
2. He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you.
3. Believe in Him and you will have eternal life and fellowship with God.

The guy just cried. I then spent about 15 minutes talking to him about religion and God and churches. And encouraged him to go to a (good) Christian church. God knows that's so many crappy churches out there. We had a good chat- and then he said he wanted to go along his way to think about all I said. I offered to give him a call but he declined.

Another interesting thing that happened was a bad debt come good. A long time ago, I purchased shares in this gold mining company called Alliance Gold. It fell down to practically zero cents and showed no sign of recovery. It even started branching out to IT and healthcare and advertising at one stage. That's a bit like an IT company going into gold mining haha. Anyhow, I got a few letters in the mail about the firm recently - even offering new shares at a discount. I didn't think too much about it but when I checked out the share price- I was amazed to find it at $1.00!!!! It had risen nearly 1,000%. It seems to struck a profitable deal to mine uranium- or so they claimed. I couldn't believe my luck- and promptly cashed out - took the money and ran!!!! Can't say I made a lot out of it. I would have made more money simply leaving it in a fixed interest account. But its some story!

Lastly, I had a stomach flu bug- caused I think- by cleaning my baby nephew's shit. I threw up a dozen times, then later was glued to the toilet seat for over 6 hours. I'll spare you the details.

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