Monday, October 09, 2006

Battlestar Lost

Just saw the new Battlestar Season 3. Hmm... suicide bombers... detention camps... reprisal executions... contrieved, cliched banality.

Ohhh... the humans on New Caprica- the planet which most of the human refugees settled after the Cylon attack- are REBELLING against the Cylon tyranny and causing an ARMED INSURRECTION. Oooo how exciting... not. yeah sure. Wonder why the producers don't make the human rebel actors wear arab scrafs?

Meanwhile, the idiot rebels are blowing themselves apart- killing humans as well as cylons. But the cylons can regenerate or be rebuilt - the humans can't. A thought the humans don't seem to grasp.

None of the humans are ever thinking the bloody obvious. If the Cylons want to control the damn humans on NC- they'd simply launch a nuke on them - or land a basestar on top of their precious settlements.

What's I'd do would be to have the humans cooperating and winning the trust of the cylons- but secretly plotting to escape.

All this armed insurrection business is totally idiotic. Who the hell wrote this script.

Anyhow, it keeps me mildly amused.

ABC's Lost, however, is intriguing. Its onto its 3rd season now like BSG. But looks promising. Plenty of twist and turns in the plot. Hope it doesn't end up like X-files. In this season, the plot focuses more on "The Others"- who seem to live actually fairly normal decent lives. Hopefully they explain more about their role and also expand on the Artic base station in this Season. Then in Season 4, they wrap it up.

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