Wednesday, August 05, 2015


War is hell.

The remembering and story of war is also a form of hell - where you have a multitude of voices clamouring for attention.

Since the 1960s most people seem to want to remember and use the nuke bombing of Hiroshima as a poster-child for the evils of war, and as part of the "America is evil" narrative.

I find this very shallow thinking.

No one seems to want to remember that it was the Japanese that started that ghastly war by attacking China, Korea, Philippines, Malaya, Indonesia, Singapore etc..

You know what they did after they captured cities? They rounded up potential troublemakers, or anyone they didn't particularly liked and killed them. That included the cream of that society, the best of the best.

Why is there less sympathy for the people the Japanese killed during WW2? When the Japanese captured Singapore the British surrendered without much of a fight because the Japanese Army promised to treat the civilian population well - instead they rounded up 50,000 - 100,000 men and women - even children - intellectuals, and killed them and tossed their bodies into the sea.

Most of their names are lost to us. No one gives a damn.

I'm sorry for the people of Hiroshima. But they have to remember that they were the aggressors in that horrible conflict. It was their soldiers that were killing and torturing and raping unarmed civilians, and forcing people to become their slaves. Guess how many asians perished building their railways.

But instead the world chooses to remember Hiroshima. How ironic.

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