Thursday, June 25, 2015

ASX200 June 25th morning wood

The ASX is a peculiar market - sheltered by timezone and can be quite predictable.

Today I took an early morning position - pre-market - at 5678 short.

I was worried it might spike up. So I put a stop at 5684 just to be safe.

The overall general international markets seem more or less negative.

So the odds favor the market going down.

And predictably like a juvenile skateboarder - it did fall over.

I drew a channel based on the previous day move - and got out at 5663. Thankfully - cos it spiked up in the next bar.

I could have reentered at 5675. But I was busy writing my journal. haha. Its still going down. But its time for breakfast now for me. :)

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