Friday, April 03, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew his legacy

Singapore has been very fortunate to have such an intelligent and capable leader as LKY. Just think about the other leaders in the region from that era. Korea - both sides, Ho Chi Minh, the leaders of South Vietnam, Pol Pot, Marcos, Mao... its not normal to find a competent, sane rational leader it seems. Most of the Asian leaders around the time were incompetent, corrupt, greedy, stupid, short-sighted or downright murderous.

Due to the PAP a lot of Singaporeans went from living in swampy villages to modern clean apartments - afaik - Singapore is the only nation in the world where Housing Commission Flats is not a dirty word.

Whenever I watch him being interviewed by foreign journalists I feel proud to be a Singaporean. He spoke well. He spoke with intelligence and wisdom.

Now he passes into legend.

You know what his legacy is to me? That we have an independent nation. That we have a robust economy. That we have a currency that doesn't fluctuate like the ocean tide. That we have a world class banking system. That women and children can walk the parks and streets safely even at night - not even Melbourne Australia the most liveable city in the world can boast this. That criminals, rapists, gangsters live in fear and not the other way around. In Sydney during the Cronella Riots 2006, ethnic gangsters were driving around the streets with illegal guns and knives injuring innocent bystanders while the police stayed away - this sort of craziness would never happen in Singapore. Armed robbery in Singapore, gangsters with guns are a very rare occurrence unlike America, Australia etc.. I think before Western journalists offer their critical opinion they should think about this.

We have a modern nation where the streets are safe  - thank you Mr Lee.

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