Saturday, November 22, 2014

If you have wings why don't you fly? Confessions of a female porn star

I've always wondered why there is a double standard in society where women are castigated if they exhibit any sign of sexual freedom, or use their bodies to make money for themselves.

What I find terrible is that such women face ridicule and shame and persecution from men and also especially women, including many feminists who consider them as traitors.

Its no better than the awful Witch burning trials of Europe where many women were tortured to death on suspicion of being a witch. One method was to throw the accused into the water. If she sank (and drowned) she was innocent. If she floated, she was ... duh ... obviously a witch and had to be burned at the stake.

I hope in today's society men and women can learn to be tolerant and stop being nosy fuckers who pry and interfere into the affairs of other people.

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