Monday, November 07, 2011

Weeds weeds weeds

There are just so much awful weeds in my garden.

I've filled up the two wheelie bins with weeds and have soaked them in grey water. They stank for awhile but now they don't stink so much. Actually, they don't seem to stink at all. I think the weeds are dead though. Not sure whether the seeds survived the process.

What I plan to do is to pitchfork the weeds into the council bin - on a week when its hardly used - and empty the nutrient-rich water onto the lawn. But the problem is my council rubbish green bin is perpetually full at present.

Yeah, I've got weeds all over the damn place. What is especially irritating are the grass runners that have weaved into the flower beds and gotten amongst the lavender and rose plants.Trying to put them all is sheer torture.

Its easy to get discouraged- so I'm just concentrating on one section of the garden at present. Get that cleaned up. Mulch it. Then proceed to the next area.

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