Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Change of focus

I'm changing the focus of my blog - devoting it to my garden here in Melbourne. Its fairly large - roughly 1800 sq feet.

When we first got here over 20 years ago it had gum trees, ivy, and ferns. We removed the lot.

We have since planted the roses, crocus, bluestone walls and steps, ornamental trees, bulbs like tulips and ranunculus.

Ah yes, my ranunculus flowers. They are a stunning sight.

I plan to grow them back next year in 2012.

Gardening is a love hate relationship with me. There is often so much to do. The combination of sunny winter weather and wet rain cause the weeds to multiply in the millions. Its a hard slog to remove them all.

In my respects, the garden is also a spiritual metaphor. Is it no surprise that God gave Adam a garden as his first care of duty? Gardening was man's first job.

It gives me great pleasure to see the final product but the journey there is hard and arduous.

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