Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some thoughts on Fatherhood

I speak of fatherhood from a son's perspective.

What is fatherhood? Its more than just a provider and a giver of life. Fatherhood implies guidance, both morally, spiritually and physically as well. It means imparting your knowledge, your learned wisdom, to your son, to the next generation so that they may build on your foundation and hence, progress. In this way, man can attain a sense of immortality. He molds his child, he molds the future.

In this age of single mothers and absentee fathers, fatherhood has attained a derogatory status. I've spoken to a Christian who reckons fathers are almost superfluous, mothers can handle everything.

At a superficial glance, yes. A single parent would suffice. But this state is not good. You still need Father, and Mother to bring up a child. Both have distinct roles to play.

The father - to provide leadership and spiritual guidance, the mother to provide love and care - in greater measure.

Having said that, there are a lot of really bad fathers out there, and by the same token probably a lot of bad mothers too. But the godly ideal is not crushed by the base reality.

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