Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hurray! I'm going skiing!


Hotham and Falls Creek just received 30cm of fresh snow!! Temperatures have fallen to sub-zero for most of the week and the weekend!! Meaning: the snow won't melt and turn to ice.

Sweet! A few ski lifts are now in operation.

I've joined up with a friend's friend group for a weekend trip. I don't know any of them - ... - But well hopefully it will turn out well - anyways its only for a few days. Cost will be about $400. Heehee- nearly the same as a trip to Dayang.

Its been ages since I went skiing last. I think the last time was back in 2006 or 2005.

I'm can't do extreme skiing - like jump skiing off a 2 storey ramp. I'm just not flexible for that sort of thing, have never been.

But I do love that feeling of gliding through the snow, its feels like you're flying! Its just wonderful feeling the crisp cold air in my face, and breathing in that awesome pure air which you can get in the cold mountains. Its a different world - and in that respect its quite similar to scuba diving.

Here are the live snow cams for Mount Hotham - for Singapore viewers best to view this in your morning - as by 5pm its usually totally dark over here.

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