Monday, July 07, 2008

Go Tell it Girl!!!

This girl has a wicked sense of humor.I used to get a lot of racist taunts in high school - but mainly - surprise surprise - from a eurasian kid whose dad was Hong Kong Chinese. So outwardly he looked chinese.It was a constant barrage - and the problem was the teachers just ignored it.

I think he just wanted to be more white. And what can be more white than to be a white supremacy racist? - in his shallow thinking.

In the end he actually made head of the school boarding house. It taught me an important lesson in life. Actually several.1. Life is unfair.2. You need to make the right friends in life and if you want to make enemies- make enemies with people that people don't care about.3. Suckups get ahead in life cos they know who to suck. That bully excelled in that.4. Some problems are just meant to be endured. There's usually an end to suffering.(5. In hindsight, I need to improve on my communication skills and learn to be more assertive.)


Kathleen Ang said...

Pretty cool! Or rather, pretty and cool, she is.

Seriously, when I look at that author's English, all I can say is, evolution should have wiped him out a while ago, and since he didn't get wiped out, the exotics would do it, by doing better in school and stealing his job (then again, why would we want his job, it should be crappy and low paid judging by his English), and one day, provide future politicians for the country..... ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Yauming YMC said...

haha. Resistance is futile!!!